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Monday: 8am - 9pm
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Beer & Wine List
Beer & Wine List
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Restaurant Information
Restaurant Information

We aren’t going to lie to you; Sheep Creek Lodge serves the best food between Anchorage and Fairbanks… period.

Sheep Creek Lodge offers fantastic fresh seafood! We have attempted to identify the type of atmosphere and cuisine that we specialize in, and the best description is "home style, hearty, and fresh." 

Whether you are looking for Home-style, Italian, Cajun, or Pacific Northwest cuisine or just burgers or pizza, Sheep Creek Lodge has something for everyone, and we have regular guests who drive from Wasilla (over 40 miles) to enjoy our hand cut french fries and our hand pressed half pound burgers.

The lounge boasts an all Alaskan micro-brewery draft beer, the finest scotch and whiskey selections available, as well as a very nice large selection of local wine along with spectacular specialty drinks for the discriminating adult. 

There’s always something fun and yummy happening at the lodge!

                            Breakfast is served ALL DAY!

Restaurant Information
Sheep Creek Lodge has undergone extensive remodeling over the past several years, including adding additional cabins. To make your stay more enjoyable both the rooms and the cabins are nicely appointed with comfortable mattresses, alternative down comforters and pillows, bath linens and rustic décor.

Our accommodations include:

Sheep Creek Lodge  Two beautiful single rooms within the lodge, each with an exterior entrance, a queen bed, full bath, and satellite TV for $125/night + 5% bed tax. WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR THESE TWO LODGE ROOMS DURING THE WINTER MONTHS.
Sheep Creek Lodge  has 8 (8) cozy one room  rustic cabins, with a queen bed and twin bunks, with bath and shower facilities located in the lodge for $85/night + 5% bed tax. 

Sheep Creek Lodge  RV Park Dry Camping for $15/night

Alaska is the Ultimate Destination for Wilderness Adventure, for both the beginner and the most advanced outdoorsman. Each year the options become more diversified as the Alaska changes to meet the demands of our Alaska residents and our visiting guests.

We can assist you with recommendations to customize your adventure and maximize the value of your Alaskan Experience. Our focus is to serve your needs for comfortable accommodations, great meals, and then to team you with individuals that specialize in Quality Customer Service, providing you with the best experience for your memories in life. Local activities include: hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, fishing, flight-seeing, whitewater rafting, rock repelling, canoeing, sky diving, dog mushing, jet boating, gold panning, ATV riding, zip line tours, snowmobiling, and of course photography. In addition, every year new activities are being developed The north bound Parks highway flowing northward toward Denali National Park and beyond to Fairbanks is unsurpassed with variety and beauty.

Contrary to popular belief, we have mild summer temperatures in South Central Alaska. In summer, it may reach into the 80‘s (Fahrenheit). During winter, it does get quite chilly with daytime temperatures ranging from -20to +30 degrees. Most years we get over 12-feet of snow. By Mid-May to early June the snow is all gone, except for in the mountains, and it starts the maturing of the beautiful foliage and flowers that abound throughout Alaska. Fall colors start around Labor Day and last into late September. The best months for viewing the Aurora Borealis are in early spring and late fall–remember, it doesn’t get dark here during summer.

What Should I Bring?

  • Clothing you can layer: Long underwear, a fleece, and a waterproof/breathable shell. Read What to Wear in Alaska.
  • Comfortable shoes with good traction: Running shoes with good support are adequate for anything you'll do except hike steep hillsides (which you may not do). If you prefer something sturdier, lightweight hikers are great, and some are waterproof as well. See: What to wear hiking in Alaska.
  • Sun protection: Lightweight, brimmed hat (sun and rain); sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Light winter cap/gloves/scarf: These really keep you warm if it gets unseasonably cold—or if you're feeling the effects of glacier-chilled wind—without adding a lot of weight.
  • Summer clothing: Unless you prefer last-minute local shopping, pack shorts and short sleeve shirts. Recent Alaskan summers have been hot and sunny. See: Alaska weather.
  • Formal vs. casual: Casual dress is the way to go in Alaska. Some cruise-goers bring formal attire for onboard the ship, then break out the jeans on land.
  • Mosquito repellent: The bugs generally aren't as bad as people fear, and they're really only a big consideration in June and July. If you really want to protect yourself, there's nothing as effective as DEET. 30-40% concentration should be sufficient. Mosquito head nets tend to be overkill unless you plan on doing a lot of hiking or tent camping, as they obscure visibility and can get warm. For more detailed repellent and clothing suggestions, read Mosquitoes in Alaska
  • Fishing license: You can order this ahead of time online, but it's easy to obtain from your air taxi, fishing guide, or most local groceries. See: Where to get your Alaska fishing license. 
  • Small first aid kit: Most hotels and tour operators will have you covered, but it's convenient to have Band-Aids and ointment for minor emergencies
  • Camera / video camera: Capture your Alaska experiences, and don't forget the extras: batteries, lenses, chargers, and memory cards. Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau each have a good camera shop, but you're better off bringing everything you might need. See: Alaska photography. 
  • Backpack or tote bag (medium to large).
  • Binoculars/spotting scope
  • Zipper-top bags: Freezer-size zipper-top bags are great to keep clothing folded and toiletries isolated (in case of leaks). Separate baggies make it easier to repack in case your luggage is searched, and extra bags are handy for storing dirty or damp clothing.
  • Identification and/or passport
  • Watch/alarm clock: With so much daylight, it's easy to lose track of time.
  • Swimsuit: Your hotel may have hot tub, sauna, or pool facilities—or you may want to invigorate yourself with Alaska lake swimming. No kidding...
  • Contact information: Bring cards with your contact information to give to new friends and mailing labels for sending postcards.
  • Ice cleats
  • Rain Jackets

Lodge History
Lodge History
Construction of the 10,000 square foot Sheep Creek Lodge (AKA – “The Log Mahal”) began in 1986, after the original lodge burned down, and was completed in 1989.  Sheep Creek Lodge is a Swedish scribed log structure constructed of Alaska White Spruce harvested from Nenana, Alaska.  At the time of the harvest, the logs were standing beetle kill (you can see the holes created by the spruce bark beetle in the logs) and the logs range in age from 80 years old to well over 300 years old!
You may notice during your travels some architectural similarities between Sheep Creek Lodge and the Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla, as they were both constructed from the same log harvest by Nenana Log Weavers.

Sheep Creek Lodge is located at Mile 88 on the Parks Highway, a 2 hours drive north of Anchorage, and approximately an hour drive from the southern end of the Denali National Park. This highway, which forms the western border of the Sheep Creek Lodge property, is not only the most traveled road in the State, but also the only direct route connecting Anchorage with Denali National Park.  The property is over 24 acres with Sheep Creek flowing through the north side of the property.

The easternmost border of the Sheep Creek Lodge property is bounded by the Alaskan Railroad, a transportation corridor that may ultimately provide an alternative means of access for tourists traveling to Sheep Creek Lodge from Anchorage or Fairbanks. Indeed, half of the Alaskan tourists who visit Denali National Park travel this Railroad.

To the north, Sheep Creek Lodge property is bordered by Sheep Creek, a picturesque, crystal clear, majestic stream, which serves as a major migrating waterway for many fish species including 5 major species of salmon.   The location of Sheep Creek Lodge makes it a central hub for a number of surrounding small towns and villages.   In fact, many Alaskan residents use Sheep Creek Lodge as a meeting place for their business and recreational needs. Several local organizations use Sheep Creek Lodge for monthly meetings and activities.
Lodge History
Wild Nature
Wild Nature
Located on 24 acres, the property is yours to roam.  Wander through the biologically diverse and beautiful deciduous and coniferous forest.  Enjoy identifying arctic and sub arctic plants, berries and wildflowers, and watch for the wide array of indigenous birds and mammals that utilize the property, including bald eagles,  chickadees, swallows, a wide variety of water fowl, magpies, robins, grey and stellar jays, ravens,  lynx, wolves, moose, grizzly bears, and black bears.  All of which have been seen on the property.  Large moose and bears often forage nearby.

So, what do I wear at Sheep Creek Lodge?  Southcentral Alaska enjoys fairly mild temperatures year around, thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Typical summer high temperatures in the Willow area are in the 60s or low 70s. If the temperature hits 80, it's a major news story. But in the absence of wind, 60 is comfortable. And remember that summer days are very long. In late June it doesn't get really dark at night. People are still doing yard work at midnight and, on the Fourth of July, the fireworks aren't set off until after midnight.

Winters around Willow are mild, too. Snowfalls are as gentle as the summer rain. Temperatures stay pretty much in the teens (Fahrenheit, that is) from November through March with perhaps one or two cold snaps when temperatures drop below zero during that period. The average high temperature in early February, for example, is in the low 20s (Fahrenheit), providing pleasant
conditions for cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Winter days are short; in December when they're shortest, the sun rises after 10 a.m. and sets around 3:30 p.m.

Alaska is a pretty informal place. Casual clothes are acceptable almost anywhere and sweaters come in handy year-around. If you're a man, you can wear jeans and a sports shirt most anywhere.  If you're coming in the summer, you'll want to pack a jacket. In the winter, you'll want a heavier coat. A parka will be worth it if you plan to be outdoors snow machining, cross country skiing, or snow shoeing.  Warm gloves are a must.

You might want to make that jacket a waterproof one. After three or four summers that seem mostly sunny, we'll get one that seems mostly rainy. August is often the rainiest month in Southcentral Alaska. A rain hat is probably a good idea, but the umbrella can stay at home. Rainfalls in Willow are gentle and steady.
Wild Nature
Best Fishing
Best Fishing

Sheep Creek Lodge is located in the heart of fishing country in the Matanuska Susitna Borough. Within a 15 square mile area of Sheep Creek Lodge, world-class fishing is available in scores of local rivers, streams, and lakes.  During the spring, summer and fall seasons, Sheep Creek itself boasts annual runs of 5 types of Salmon, Arctic Grayling, plus Dolly Varden, and trophy size Rainbow Trout.

For the vast majority of anglers content to fish local streams teeming with salmon and trout species, the king salmon run begins in mid to late May where 30 – 70 pounders are caught. In late June and early July this run is replaced largely by the more aggressive 10 – 25 pound silver, pink, red and chum salmon. Spring and fall are the best seasons for trout and Grayling fishing when 20 – 30 inch Rainbows are routinely caught.

Long days in the "Land of the Midnight Sun" give you lots of hours for summer time activities. The wilderness setting of Sheep Creek Lodge offers many unique opportunities and we can help you explore them by designing a customized package especially suited to your interests. Petersville road offers drive-to vistas of the Alaska Range, including 3 of the tallest mountains in North America: Mt. Denali, Mt. Foraker, and Mt. Hunter. In addition, we compliment your Alaskan Vacation with comforting accommodations for your stay.

Fishing. Try the outstanding trout and salmon fishing in the Sheep Creek Area during the summer. We have less pressure than other drive-to areas of Alaska with no “combat” fishing. Guests may fish right from our docks or wade into the shallow waters to get up close. King (chinook), red (sockeye), and silver (coho) salmon make their way up the local rivers and creeks during mid-to-late summer. In addition, rainbow trout, grayling, and arctic char are residents in the local streams. Northern pike are found in many of the lakes that dot the area. Regulations vary from year-to-year. Adults (16+) may purchase an Alaska fishing license online from ADFG. Children younger than 16 do not require a license.

Best Fishing

Welcome to Sheep Creek Lodge! Come visit us at Sheep Creek Lodge, an historic Alaskan icon, located at Mile 88 on the Park's Highway (about 2 hours north of Anchorage and approximately an hour drive from the south end of Denali National Park). Sheep Creek Lodge from above. Considered by many to be one of the most spectacular structures along the Alaskan highway system, Sheep Creek Lodge's strategic location, majestic appearance, fine dining, superior services and warm and friendly atmosphere has earned it various awards including being named Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman Readers' Choice Awards Best Lodge in the Valley for 2010 We offer the best in Alaskan cuisine and access to outdoor recreation including world-class hunting, fishing, hiking, snow machining, backpacking and other activities. Whether relaxing in our cozy rustic cabins, or in our plush interior, Sheep Creek Lodge hosts a spacious campground in Willow, Alaska rooms, or simply camping within our RV Park campground, Sheep Creek Lodge is a wonderful place to visit year round. Whatever activities you desire, we promise that you will have a most memorable and pleasurable experience.

59429 S. Parks Hwy.
HC 89 Box 414
Willow, AK 99688

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We are the Sheep Creek Lodge located outside of Willow, Alaska where you will arrive as guests and leave as family!

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